Written Works

My projects from MATC

Underworld 2 – The Line of Corvinus
– Final project for my creative writing class. I had a hard time with this one. The subject was very complex. I didn’t have an ending for this, and was only half as long as it should have been. I still ended the semester with a “B” in this class.


An Interesting experience I have had
– Another short essay about my hitchhiking days.


The Seattle Washington Parks Department Automatic Sprinkler System
– My first short essay about my hitchhiking days.


A Fable – The Dog, the Rabbit and the Python
– Just a bit of fun


The VonKlienshmitt Legend – The story of terror behind the haunted barn
– I wrote this after a brainstorming session with Tim Becker, for use on a website. FrightNightOn50.com (no longer online) Even though this was written before college, I was working towards my GED at the time.