Vicom 2

My projects from MATC

Comart 116 - Final

Comart 116 – Final

– We each drew the name of a local business out of a fish bowl. We were to create a new website for them. I drew Vespa Milwaukee. I created 3 different versions, so the “client” would have a choice.
PhotoShop CS2, Dreamweaver, XHTML, CSS, SwishMax
Version 1 – Red | Version 2 – Dark | Version 3 – Light



VICOM 152 - Final

VICOM 152 – Final

– The main point of this project was to showcase design skills,
and to display them in a working format.
PhotoShop CS2 and SwishMax.



VICOM 152 - Site Imitation

VICOM 152 – Site Imitation

– We were to take an instructor approved screenshot of any website, and make an imitation of that site in PhotoShop CS2.



VICOM 123 - Final

VICOM 123 – Final

– Design an effective corporate web site. Choose a topic and create a web site that is functional and visually interesting.
PhotoShop CS2, Dreamweaver, XHTML, CSS, SwishMax