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My projects from MATC

VICOM 161 - Project

VICOM 161 – Project

– Take an example of a calculator written in ActionScript 1.0, and update it to ActionScript 2.0. All button scripting and calculations are now on a single frame of the timeline. As I know SwishMax best, I chose this one from the SwishZone website. Macromedia Flash8



ANIM 156 - Final

ANIM 156 – Final

– Intro to 2D Animation Final Project.
Authored in SwishMax 2006.06.29



VICOM 105 - Final

VICOM 105 – Final

– Create working Flash website. I spent a lot of time on the nav system. While working on this, I became aware of how important it is for the user to be able to navigate to any page from any page. Many of these lessons were applied to the website. Macromedia Flash8



VICOM 105 - Project

VICOM 105 – Project

– The main point of this project was to practice flash programming, masking and audio skills. Macromedia Flash8