And How It Continues

The learning experience never really ends and that is part of what is so fun about this kind of work. The best examples I have of that fact are in this site and all its versions, plus of course in my “Work” page.

Final Projects
And other school work that I am proud of.

Contained in these pages, are examples of my best school work completed for classes at Milwaukee Area Technical College. I started off in the eCommerce/Web Administration program. However, after I got my first accounting book, I decided that a change was in order.

I signed up for the Visual Communications program, and I discovered that I had pretty much found my niche. I love working with good graphics, but I rediscovered that the web animation and programming is what I really like the most. I have learned that there is more to good design, then the pretty pictures. When it’s up on that computer screen, it’s gotta work right, and that’s what I’m into.

Programming in SwishMax is a lot like programming in Macromedia Flash, so the transition from SwishMax to Macromedia Flash has been fun for me. I like converting SwishMax script to Flash action script and back again when I have time. Working with Macromedia Flash has really been helpful in cleaning up my script, and getting it all in one place so it is easier to edit later.

This page is a collection of website templates, and graphic work examples that I have completed for various classes. In the website templates, I have tried to pay particular attention to writing clean xhtml, and css.

Photo Gallery
This page contains 40 of my favorite 35mm color transparencies taken in PHOTO 101.

Written Works
This page is a collection of written works, completed for 2 different creative and essay writing classes.